A.V. Club: That One Song No Diggity

In That One Song, musician and professional jingle writer Missy Modell talks to artists about a singular song that has changed their life. “I think everyone has at least one song that makes them time travel to a moment that was especially meaningful or memorable,” she explains. The format allows the conversation to be broad in terms of the music selection, and personal in regards to the personal experiences the guests have with that song. In this premiere episode she is joined by fellow musician, Alex Bilowitz. “No Diggity” by Blackstreet had a profound impact on his life. Bilowitz describes how the song helped him learn what sampling is and how, once listening to it, he immediately knew it was going to be a hit. Like all great songs, he has a personal life story attached, which involves a young woman he had a crush on. “I planned it out. I was like: When ‘No Diggity’ comes on, I’m gonna roll up to her right when the Dr. Dre verse comes on, and she’s gonna be so impressed that I know all the words.” With a short and sweet runtime of 11 minutes, That One Song shows great promise.



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