Huffington Post: LOVE BOMBED! Why It Is Completely Impossible To Not Fall In Love With The Star Of YOUNGER; NICO TORTORELLA!

Photo by Ashton Do
Nico Tortorella
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It is impossible to not fall in love with Nico Tortorella- plain and simple.

In truth, he is very much like the on-screen persona he portrays on TV Land’s hit series, Younger– a fantasy. Created by Darren Star and dressed by Patricia Field, Younger recreates a lot of what people loved about Sex And The City, this time bridging the gap between generations and creating a timeless story for everyone as each of the girls is a hybrid of the original four ladies, with New York still serving as the same famous fifth lead. The main character is in a similar “Big Versus Aidan” epic love triangle, with the two male romantic leads each being their own blended versions of the two famous characters.


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